A module to debug encoding and decoding of SAML message for both the HTTP-redirect and HTTP-POST bindings.

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This module allows you to debug SAML 2.0 messages by decoding or encoding them according to the binding they are using, supporting both the HTTP-Redirect and HTTP-POST bindings.


Once you have installed SimpleSAMLphp, installing this module is very simple. Just execute the following command in the root of your SimpleSAMLphp installation:

composer.phar require simplesamlphp/simplesamlphp-module-saml2debug:dev-master

where dev-master instructs Composer to install the master branch from the Git repository. See the releases available if you want to use a stable version of the module.


Next thing you need to do is to enable the module:

in config.php, search for the module.enable key and set saml2debug to true:

'module.enable' => [ 'saml2debug' => true, … ],


Once installed, you can use the module by going to the configuration tab in the web interface of SimpleSAMLphp. You will see a link there to the debugger, allowing you to encode and decode SAML 2.0 messages, selecting the binding to use.