Class to present bytes in readable format

2.0.3+20221010 2022-10-10 09:48 UTC

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Last update: 2023-01-10 16:41:34 UTC


Class to present bytes (numeric value) as a human-readable string. There are several reasons you would want to use this library and not the common one-liner (or 3-liner) approach:

  • No missing postfixes in case of too big or too small values.
  • No superfluous trailing zeros.
  • Follows SI format by default (power of 10, can be switched to power of 2, if so desired).
  • Shows thousands by default (adjustable) for extra readability in some cases.

How to use


echo (new \Simbiat\CuteBytes)->bytes(1234567890);

will output 1,234.57 MB

You can change decimal and thousands delimiters or change number of decimals (precision)

echo (new \Simbiat\CuteBytes)->setDecPoint(',')->setThousandSep('.')->setDecimals(3)->bytes(1234567890);

to get 1.234,568 MB

If you want to drop thousands, set the default number of numbers shown

echo (new \Simbiat\CuteBytes)->setNumbers(0)->bytes(1234567890);

to get 1.23 GB

If you want to use "classic" logic (binary, power of 2) use

echo (new \Simbiat\CuteBytes)->setPower(1024)->bytes(1234567890);

to get 1,177.38 MB (note some additional loss of precision)