Provides functionality for synchronising data objects between SilverStripe installations

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1.4.0 2016-08-24 02:40 UTC

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A module that provides an interface for syncronising content between multiple SilverStripe instances, using GUIDs for tracking definitive version of a content item.

Maintainer Contact

Marcus Nyeholt

<marcus (at) silverstripe (dot) com (dot) au>


  • SilverStripe 3.1
  • Webservices module
  • Content Changesets module (recommended)
  • QueuedJobs module


  • Add the SyncroableExtension to the objects you want syncronised between instances.
  • configure a RemoteSyncroNode object pointing at a remote system and call the SyncrotronService->getUpdates() method

To access the list of updates programmatically,

  • Note the "Master Node ID" from the settings tab of your system
  • call the jsonservice/Syncrotron/listUpdates endpoint to get the list of updates, passing the following parameters
    • since - the Y-m-d H:i:s date after which to get updates
    • system - your master node ID

With the Changesets module installed, you can explicitly deploy a content changeset to a remote node.

Quick Usage Overview