A command line tool for interfacing with Silverstripe.

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A command line tool for interfacing with Silverstripe.

This tool provides a developer or system administrator with Silverstripe functionality from the command-line. The system can be easily extended but out of the box you get the following functionality:

  • A PHP console with Silverstripe fully loaded - You can even query the database directly with Silverstripe commands - eg var_dump(Page::get_one('Page'));
  • Command line access to the database your site is using, no need to remember the password or other details.
  • The ability to clear your caches. This includes image caches, theme templates, language files, manifest and aggregated CSS/JS.
  • Changing any users password - forgotten your password? Easily change it
  • Database dumps - This can be combined with a cron job to do regular database dumps. Pipe the output of this command into a file or similar.

Example usage

Get a list of the commands available

$ sake more help
Help details for sake:

sql-dump - Dumps the current database to the console.
Example: sake more sql-dump

clear - Flush's one or more of Silverstripe's caches. Expects type of cache as parameter
Arguments: Type - A choice of: all, image, template, language, manifest, combined
Example: sake more clear all - Clears all the caches
         sake more clear image - Finds cached images and deletes them
         sake more clear template - Clears cached templates
         sake more clear language - Finds cached languages from Zend translate and clears them
         sake more clear manifest - Rebuilds the manifest and finds new files
         sake more clear combined - Rebuilds js and css files which have been combined together

console - Provides a PHP shell with Silverstripe loaded.
Example: sake more console

sql - Provides direct access to the given database.
Example: sake more sql

pwd - Allows a user to change their password. Expects two parameters: username and password.
Arguments: Username - which member's password to change
           Password - the new password for this member
Example: sake more pwd admin new_password
         sake more pwd "a new password"

Get direct access to a PHP console - similar to 'php -a' but with tab completion available.

$ sake more console
Commandline: php -q [...]/sakemore/thirdparty/phpsh/phpsh.php [...]/sakemore/scripts/consolerole-init.php
phpsh (c)2006 by Charlie Cheever and Dan Corson and Facebook, Inc.
type 'h' or 'help' to see instructions & features
New Feature: You can use the -c option to turn off coloring
php> [here you can run any PHP command and have full access to all of Silverstripe's functionality]

Get direct access to your SQL CLI

$ sake more sql
psql (9.1.9, server 9.1.12)
SSL connection (cipher: DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA, bits: 256)
Type "help" for help.



  • Install your site with composer -
  • Set up your database, etc
  • Run: "sudo apt-get install php5-cli python"
  • Run: "composer require silverstripe/sakemore dev-master"
  • Run: "alias sake='./framework/sake'" # This can be replaced with similar.
  • Run: "sake dev/build flush=1" # In order to rebuild all the caches.
  • Run: "sake more help"