Adds useful cli commands for the SilverStripe framework.

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SilverStripe Porter (think kitchen porter) seeks to automate several menial tasks for the SilverStripe framework via cli.

Tasks currently supported:

  • Creating a new module


It is recommended to install globally using composer

composer require global silverstripe/porter dev-master

After installation, create a symlink as follow (Note, adapt this command to your OS):

ln -s ~/.composer/vendor/silverstripe/porter/silverstripe ~/.composer/bin/silverstripe

Reloading your profile (source ~/.bash_profile) means you can now run silverstripe to view the help menu.


Creating a new module

The full command with all options is:

silverstripe create-module [--nonVendor] [--ss3] [--withTravisCI] [--withCircleCI] [--] <module-name> <module-namespace> [<module-path>]
  • --nonVendor option adds type: silverstripe-module to your composer.json. This defaults to type: silverstripe-vendormodule
  • --ss3 option sets your module up with a base skeleton for an SilverStripe 3 module
  • --withTravisCI adds minimal a travis.yml setup file
  • ---withCircleCI adds a minimal CircleCI config file to a .circleci folder

Example usage:

silverstripe create-module --withTravisCI foo/bar Foo\\\\Bar\\\\


Bugs are tracked on

Development and Contribution

If you would like to make changes to this module, go on then, raise a PR via GitHub.