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SilverStripe knowledgebase module

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This module provides basic knowledge base functionality for silverstripe with the following features:

  • Article full text search with as-you-type drop-down suggestions
  • Article categorisation
  • Ajax powered article rating system (star system) which can be easily turned off

There is nothing really special about this, but it gives you everything you need to build a simple knowledge base.

This module has been tested to work (and look terrible) out of the box with the 2.4 blackcandy theme installed; Other themes will require an additional subtheme.

Credits and Authors


  • SilverStripe 2.4.7, may work on lower versions (MIGRATING TO 3.x)
  • PHP 5.2

Installation Instructions

  • Extract all files into the 'knowledgebase' folder under your Silverstripe root.
  • Template away!

General housekeeping

  • The knowledge base is designed to operate in a hierarchy similar to the below:

  • Knowledge Base root page

  • Category 1 * Article * Category 1.1 * Article * Category 1.2 * Article

    • Category 2
      • Article

If you want to arrange your knowledge base into a slightly different structure (for instance, without categories) you may need to do a bit of re-coding. Submit a feature request if it doesn't work the way you want or expected it to.


You can disable ratings by using the following code in your _config.php

KnowledgeBaseArticle::$rating_enabled = false;