Adds a cart extension to the DMS module, enabling documents to be checked out for distribution

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The module adds a new DMSDocumentCart model which allows for the request of physical copies of documents from a Document Management System module to be recorded as requested for printing and sending out to a physical address.


  • Ability to request printed copies of documents which are marked as "Allowed in Cart"
  • Set a per document limit on total copies which can be requested
  • View and amend historical print requests


For information on configuring and using this module, please see the documentation section.




Translations of the natural language strings are managed through a third party translation interface, Newly added strings will be periodically uploaded there for translation, and any new translations will be merged back to the project source code.

Please use to contribute translations, rather than sending pull requests with YAML files.

See the "i18n" topic on for more details.