This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Modification of zodyac/behat-perceptual-diff-extension which supports SilverStripe CMS ajax handling

dev-master 2014-02-21 01:14 UTC

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Last update: 2021-10-21 13:51:05 UTC


Enables visual diff regression testing for SilverStripe CMS, through the existing Behat test coverage.

Builds on the awesome BehatPerceptualDiff extension, which is based on concepts from Huxley. Customizes the extension's StepTester class to wait for jQuery ajax requests to complete before taking the screenshot, which makes the logic a lot more useful to the SilverStripe CMS UI, and avoids error-prone static sleep periods.

This extension is only required for perceptual diff testing in the SilverStripe CMS UI. For perceptual diffs on websites running SilverStripe, use the underlying BehatPerceptualDiff extension directly.

Preview of a visual diff

Preview of a visual diff from the SilverStripe CMS UI (added buttons in TinyMCE editor)


Follow the SilverStripe Behat Extension install instructions to get a basic project set up with Behat.

Add the perceptual diff extension

composer require silverstripe/behat-perceptual-diff

Replace the behat.yml in your project root with the following content. Adjust the base_url accordingly.

    tags: "~@todo"
    name: pretty


      base_url:  http://localhost/
      files_path: %behat.paths.base%/framework/tests/behat/features/files/
      default_session: selenium2
      javascript_session: selenium2
      goutte: ~
        browser: firefox

    SilverStripe\BehatExtension\Extension: ~

      sleep: 0.3
      path: pdiffs
      fail_on_diff: true
        highlight_color: red
        metric: AE
        fuzz: 20

    SilverStripe\Behat\PerceptualDiffExtension\Extension: ~

It is important that Zodyac\Behat\PerceptualDiffExtension\Extension:sleep is set reasonably high (around 0.3s), in order to give the CMS UI time to process ajax responses and render the UI.


Run your behat tests as usual, each step will generate a screenshot in the pdiff/ folder. The first run will create a pdiff/baseline/ folder, additional runs will compare against that.