A module that allows developers to defined just one a few template over-rides for the base theme templates, applied to just sub-trees of a site

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1.0.0 2015-07-16 03:56 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-29 03:50:07 UTC


A module for managing themes a little more flexibly; by applying a theme to a subtree of a site, by specifying just a partial set of templates to make up a 'theme', and by allowing code be bound to the theme implementation.

Partial Themes

Allows for the creation of themes that may override only a part of the 'main' theme. For example, assume you have /themes/simple bound as your main project theme, you can specify another theme alongside this which changes a single template. So assuming you wanted to create another theme, eg /themes/simplesimon that only differed in the way products were displayed, rather than specifying a whole new theme, you would provide just the required template.


Then, inside the CMS, the 'Partial theme' setting field would be set to 'simplesimon'.

Theme Helpers

Rather than specifying theme specific code in the page controller init method, the module looks for a {ThemeName}Helper class to call for before init and after init.


    - PartialThemesExtension

    - PartialThemesExtension

Project specific requirements

You must have the following defined for the controller(s) that will use partial themes; in particular, the Page_Controller class

    public function getViewer($action) {
        $viewer = parent::getViewer($action);
        $viewer = $this->overridePartialTemplates($viewer, array(), $action);
        return $viewer;


Once enabled, Theme settings are available on a page's Settings tab.