A module for development/staging systems that capture email within the repository instead of actually sending to a user. These emails can then be browsed within the CMS.

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2.0.1 2017-05-17 06:28 UTC


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A module for capturing outbound emails in data objects that can then be viewed by users in the CMS directly.

Useful for sites that are in development (or on test/staging servers) where users need to be able to use functionality that sends emails, but it is not desirable to have these emails actually go out to the recipients.

This module defaults to not sending emails, but supports sending via an out bound mailer, this is configured via yml, e.g:

Name: mymailcapture
after: mailcapture
    class: CaptureMailer
      outboundMailer: %$MailerObject
      # Set to false to enable pass through of emails without logging
      captureEmails: FALSE
    class: Mailer

Using on Silverstripe 3.1

Due to API breakages between 3.1 and 3.2, you must add the following line to your config to override the Mailer: