Web application toolkit.

5.1.0 2020-04-27 16:44 UTC


Swat is a web application component toolkit.

Swat is an open-source LGPL 2.1 web-application toolkit built using PHP. It is primarily developed and maintained by silverorange, but participation and contributions are welcome.

Swat is not a full-stack web framework. Swat is an interface toolkit analogous to [Gtk](https://gtk.org/ Gtk), but for web applications instead of native applications. Read about why Swat was created.



  • object-oriented PHP 5 code
  • simplifies the process of building and maintaining functional user interfaces for web applications
  • generates standards-compliant XHTML output with flexible CSS hooks
  • relies on CSS for layout and styling
  • provides comprehensive and extensible error checking for forms


Make sure the silverorange composer repository is added to the composer.json for the project and then run:

composer require silverorange/swat