Command-line tool to check for ambiguous class names with Composer's generated class map.

1.0.0 2019-08-26 15:24 UTC

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Last update: 2020-06-26 18:22:00 UTC


Command-line tool to detect ambiguous class names when using the class map autoload mechanism with Composer.

This tool is intended to be used in a CI environment and should fail if ambiguous class names are introduced in a project.


This tool uses composer. To test during development, make sure you have the required packages installed by running composer install.

You can run the tool using ./bin/check-for-ambiguous-class-names.

This project uses prettier for automatic code formatting. To format files in the src/ directory, run yarn install and then yarn make-pretty.


Add to your project's development dependencies with:

composer require --dev silverorange/ambiguous-class-name-detector

Then add composer run check-for-ambiguous-class-names to your CI pipeline. If ambiguous class names are detected, the command will exit with a non-zero value and report the ambiguous class names.