A better console for SilverStripe applications

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A useful command line interface for SilverStripe developers.



  • PHP 5.6 or above
  • SilverStripe 4.x or above
  • Composer


With Composer

It is recommended to install this module globally with composer:

composer global require silverleague/ssconsole
$ ssconsole

Ensure your composer's bin folder has been added to your system path.

You can still require this module as a project dependency if you don't want to install it globally, of course:

composer require --dev silverleague/ssconsole
$ vendor/bin/ssconsole

From source

If you wish to install this module from source, you can clone the repository and symlink bin/ssconsole into your system path, for example:

git clone
cd silverstripe-console
chmod u+x bin/console
ln -s "$(pwd)/bin/ssconsole" /usr/local/bin/ssconsole


For detailed usage information, please see the documentation.


To show the console menu and list of commands, run ssconsole from your terminal.

Running commands

To run a command, choose the desired command from the menu and add it as an argument:

# Runs a task
ssconsole dev:tasks:cleanup-test-databases

# Builds the database and flushed the manifest/cache
ssconsole dev:build --flush

Flushing the manifest

Sometimes you need to flush SilverStripe's manifest/cache while running CLI tasks. For example, if you've added a new BuildTask, but it doesn't show up in the SilverStripe console yet.

You can add the --flush option to any ssconsole command to instruct SilverStripe to flush and rebuild its manifest.


If you encounter a problem with our module then please let us know by raising an issue on our issue tracker.

Ensure you tell us which version of this module you are using, as well as which versions of PHP and SilverStripe framework you are using. If you aren't sure, you can find out by running the following commands from your command line: php -v, composer [global] show silverleague/ssconsole and composer show silverstripe/framework.


Role Name
Maintainer robbieaverill
Co-maintainer robingram
Advocate dmc-core


Please see the contributing guide for more information.


This module is licensed under the MIT license.