Attempting to create an intelligent mock of the Google API PHP Client for unit and functional testing.

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A small scale intelligent mock of the Google API PHP Client for unit and functional testing.


This is intended to mock a portion of the Google Services Directory, particularly aspects that make calls to an external system relating to users and users aliases.

Two primary properties of a Google Service Directory (GSD) are ...

  1. $users, which gets set to a GSD Users_Resource
  2. $users_aliases, which gets set to a GSD UsersAliases_Resource


A Users_Resource has various methods for managing Google Apps users. Three of these that are implemented by this mock are ...

  1. get()
  2. insert()
  3. update()


A UsersAliases_Resource has various methods for managing Google Apps users aliases. The ones implemented by this mock are ...

  1. delete()
  2. insert()
  3. listUsersAliases()

Data Persistence

In order to keep data available for use by this mock, it makes use of a Sqlite database file. The default path and name of this file are ... SilMock/DataStore/Sqlite/Google_Service_Data.db. To override this, the constructors for the UsersResource and UsersAliasesResource class accept an optional string parameter.

The database is accessed/managed by SilMock/DataStore/Sqlite/SqliteUtils.php. It has one table with four columns ...

  2. type = TEXT, e.g. "directory",
  3. class = TEXT, e.g. "user" or "users_alias",
  4. data = TEXT

The data field contains json with key-value pairs related to the properties of the GSD objects. The data is prepared by using the php json_encode function.

Test Fixtures

There is a class to assist with dealing with data for unit tests ... SilMock\Google\Service\GoogleFixtures.php. Its constructor accepts an optional parameter for the path and name of the Sqlite database file. It has two methods ...

  1. addFixtures($fixtures), expecting an array of 3-element arrays (type, class, data).
  2. removeAllFixtures()

Unit Tests for the Mock Itself

The SilMock/tests folder includes phpunit tests for the three main portions of this mock (Directory, GoogleFixtures, SqliteUtils). These should help provide examples of how to use the mock.


Switching between the Mock and the Real GSD

public static function useRealGoogle() {
    return  ( ! isset (\Yii::app()->params['use_real_google']) ||

public static function getGoogleServiceDirectory($client) {
    if (self::useRealGoogle()) {
        return new Google_Service_Directory($client);
    $db_path = null;
    if (isset(\Yii::app()->params['googleMockDbPath'])) {
        $db_path = \Yii::app()->params['googleMockDbPath'];
    return new SilMock\Google\Service\Directory($client, $db_path);

Managing a User

$dir = self::getGoogleServiceDirectory($client);
$google_user = new Google_Service_Directory_User();
$google_user = $dir->users->insert($google_user);
$google_user = $dir->users->get($usersEmail);

$google_user->suspended = true;
$google_user->suspensionReason = 'ADMIN';
$account = $dir->users->update($users_email, $google_user);

Managing a User's Aliases

$dir = self::getGoogleServiceDirectory($client);
$google_alias = new Google_Service_Directory_Alias();
$alias = $dir->users_aliases->insert($users_email, $google_alias);

$aliases = $dir->users_aliases->listUsersAliases($users_email);
$alias = $dir->users_aliases->delete($users_email, $alias);