This library provides alot of usefull functionality, and provides OO wrappers around PHP built in functionality.

v2.1-a2 2015-11-06 04:37 UTC


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This library is free to use in both free and proprietary software(Licenced under LGPL).

A library that provide a bunch of useful methods. Its is well documented and easy to use. The library is meant to provide the methods that have been written a million times by a million developers, with an easy-to-use api.

The library is fully unit tested and can be trusted.

To get started download a version and include the std/autoloader.php file. That's it.

The library is growing every day, and the version you see to day is not the version you'll see tomorrow, but I strive to make sure that the library is backward compatible.

PHP STD uses semantic versioning As an extension to semantic versioning, PHP STD uses the following appended to version numbers.

apended meaning
{version}-beta{number} The feautre list of this version has been set, but is likley to be buggy.
{version}-rc{number} Release candidate. The version is not yet finnished, and need some further testing, but it should be tested as if it was the final version.