This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Wordpress plugin for Shortlist Media.


Acceptable Facebook embed links

I think the last example link it a potential bug or old style link since I haven't seen any similar in the database. Whereas, we have to convert the often used photo url.


Run the tests

To run the automated tests you'll need to execute this inside Vagrant if working locally

  1. Change working directory
cd [project location]/app/plugins/agreable-apple-news-plugin
  1. Run behat, it will be located in the parent folder normally
If for some reason the plugin does not work check the wordpress permalinks setting is set to custom structure with /%category%/%postname%

To get sections, use this

$base = "";
$credentials = new Credentials(getenv('APPLE_NEWS_API_KEY'), getenv('APPLE_NEWS_API_SECRET'));
$channel = getenv('APPLE_NEWS_CHANNEL_ID');
$sections = (new Api($base, $credentials))->get_sections($channel);