Read plugin metadata for shopware plugins

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Last update: 2024-05-24 16:45:31 UTC


Software License

The plugin info library allows you to analyze shopware plugin metadata of the new plugin.json metadata file. This way you can read versions or changelogs from a plugin without having to analyze the bootstrap file itself.


Via Composer

$ composer require shopwarelabs/plugin-info


use Shopware\PluginInfo;
use Shopware\PluginInfo\Backend;

$info = new PluginInfo(new Zip());
$plugin = $info->get('');

$plugin->getCurrentVersion()         // 2.4.0
$plugin->isCompatibleWith('4.3.0')   // boolean
$plugin->getChangelogs()             // array of changelogs
$plugin->getChangelog('2.4.0', 'en') // english changelog for version 2.4.0


The plugin.json file should be placed in the same folder as the Bootstrap.php.

It looks like this:

    "label": {
        "de": "German label of the plugin",
        "en": "English label of the plugin"
    "copyright": "(c) by me",
    "license": "MIT",
    "link": "",
    "author": "Jon Doe",
    "currentVersion": "1.0.6",

    "changelogs": {
        "de": {
            "1.0.6": "German  changelog"
        "en": {
            "1.0.6": "English changelog"

    "compatibility": {
        "minimumVersion": "4.1.3",
        "maximumVersion": null,
        "blacklist": [