Extending shockwavemk mail module by smtp host configuration

v0.3.0 2016-10-17 10:51 UTC

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Last update: 2021-11-27 04:09:12 UTC


This module extends the capabilities of Magento 2 mailing by smtp host configuration.

A new mail transport type is added to the system which takes care of transport of outgoing mails to a mail service provider.


Add the module to your composer file.

  "require": {
    "shockwavemk/magento2-module-mail": "dev-master",
    "shockwavemk/magento2-module-mail-smtp": "dev-master"

Install the module with composer.

    composer update

On succeed, install the module via bin/magento console.

    bin/magento cache:clean
    bin/magento module:enable Shockwavemk_Mail_Base
    bin/magento module:enable Shockwavemk_Mail_Smtp

    bin/magento setup:upgrade


Mail sending over smtp

Transport and storeage configuration can be easily done via store config. Installed plug-ins for transport and storeage can be selected at this point.


In Adminhtml/Backend via store config

Stores > Configuration > Advanced > System > Mail Sending Settings

it is possible to configure the follwing settings, if "smtp" is selected in dropdown for "type" value.

  • Host
  • Port
  • Authentication
  • Username
  • Password
  • Ssl settings

Attachment handling

The base mail module supports attachment sending. Magento2 does not support native file attachment handling, therefore you need to add some code on your own.