A simple and configurable news module for SilverStripe CMS

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1.0.2 2015-12-14 04:27 UTC

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Newsly is a simple news/blog module for SilverStripe. It aims to offer configurable and optional features that cater to a range of common news-section requirements.




  • NewsHolder and NewsArticle page types
  • Articles managed in gridfield with lumberjack
  • Articles can have images and attachments (optional)
  • Articles can have tags (optional)
  • Related articles (related via shared tags)
  • Article Authors (optional, can be configured as a simple string or a NewsAuthor object/profile)
  • Archive list, Tag list functions


composer require sheadawson/silverstripe-newsly


The following configurations can be set in your yml config:

  setting: value
Setting Description Options Default
enable_attachments Enables a file attachment field in the NewsArticle CMSFields boolean true
enable_images Enable documents to be attached to articles boolean true
enable_summary Enables a Summary HTMLText field on NewsArticle, to be used for the article introduction/summary. boolean true
enable_tags Enables Article Tagging. Disable this to remove the Tag field from the News Article CMS Fields boolean true
enable_featured_articles Enables a "Feature this Article" check box to the News Article CMS Fields. You can use this to feature worthy articles on a home page, for example boolean true
image_folder Folder where article images should be stored string news/images
attachment_folder Folder where article attachments should be stored string news/attachments
author_mode Author mode can be:
- string "string" to enable an Author text field (default)
- string "object" to enable Author DataObject
- boolean false to disable Article Authors
string boolean