A CakePHP 2 Re-Baker and CMS Plugin

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A CakePHP 2 Re-Baker and CMS Plugin


Oven is currently in beta. I would like to get the community's opinion and input on this project. Open an issue, find me on twitter or on irc #cakephp as shama.

This means functionality will change and this plugin may destroy your code. You have been warned.


Oven is a CakePHP plugin that enables you to bake an entire app from a single json recipe file. It allows you to then edit your app as you would normally and later re-bake as needed without overwriting your code. It also includes an easily override-able scaffolding/CMS controlled by your recipe file.

One Line Install (requires git)

curl | bash -s NewCakeApp

Uses git to download the latest CakePHP & Oven. Replace NewCakeApp with whatever folder name you want to install into or remove to install into your current working folder.

Manual Install

If that doesn't work or if you prefer manual labor then just download or...

git clone git:// Plugin/Oven && cd Plugin/Oven && git submodule update --init

in a CakePHP 2.x app. Enable the plugin in app/Config/bootstrap.php and run the command ./Console/cake oven.init.



The oven.init command will setup your Config/core.php and Config/database.php files (if they haven't already been customized). It is recommended that after you've installed Oven to run this command to init your app:

./Console/cake oven.init

Recipe Bake

Oven uses Config/oven.json as a recipe to build your app. After making edits to your recipe, run the command:

./Console/cake oven.bake

If you want Oven to continously watch for changes to your recipe then run the command:


Merge Classes

At the core of Oven is a nice little PhpBaker lib. It will turn any PHP class into an array. Once a class is represented as an array the fun begins as we can now manipulate the file just like an array. With this we easily can merge two classes with the command:

./Console/cake oven.merge Controller/CommentsController Controller/NewCommentsController

Will merge properties and methods from CommentsController into NewCommentsController. Any conflicts will use the second stated class.



Oven includes an unobtrusive CMS. Use it when you want or override when you only want to use it partially. To use the CMS, your controllers should extend the Oven.BasesController. This will automatically setup the CRUD based on your recipe.

Your controller can be as simple as:

App::uses('BasesController', 'Oven.Controller');
class PagesController extends BasesController {

With this, if you go to you'll be able to view, add, edit and delete your pages. Edit your Config/oven.json file to modify the schema or fields displayed in the views.


If you would like to customize the admin views simply set them up as you would normally in CakePHP (app/View/Pages/admin_edit.ctp). Oven will detect them and use yours instead of the core Oven views.

The core Oven view uses view blocks for you to only partially override. For instance if you would like to update the sidebar links on admin_edit simply create a view like this:

<?php $this->extend('Oven./Admin/edit'); ?>
<?php $this->start('sidebar'); ?>
    <?php echo $this->Html->link('My Custom Link', '/somewhere'); ?>
<?php $this->end(); ?>


It is good practice for your models to extend OvenBase but not necessarily required:

App::uses('OvenBase', 'Oven.Model');
class Page extends OvenBase {

This is only required for certain custom fields types such as file and slug.


By default there is no Auth implemented into Oven. Handling Auth should be up to you. Although for convenience, if your app uses the CakeDC Users Plugin, Oven will automatically setup the Auth for you (unless you already have a custom Auth in place).


  • Make a video walking through Oven
  • Instructions/help for creating your own field types
  • Instructions/help for using different view types
  • Detect if existing CakePHP with
  • Use core CakePHP templates as starting point then merge
  • Recipe website to build recipe (use then install it
  • Upgrade default theme to bootstrap 2
  • Put ckeditor field type into it's own repo and use something more lightweight
  • Make a default file manager
  • Multiple recipes
  • Plugin baking
  • Croogo integration


Copyright 2012 Kyle Robinson Young. Released under a MIT license.