This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the fotografde/cakephp-ftp package instead.

FTP/SFTP Plugin for CakePHP

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2.5.2 2019-04-16 20:19 UTC

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Last update: 2022-02-01 12:22:07 UTC


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Requires: CakePHP 2.0+ (tested with CakePHP 2.5+), PHP 5.3+, phpseclib for ssh


  • Can list/upload/download/delete remote files with FTP or SFTP (uses phpseclib)
  • Built-in ftp client


For info on how to install and use this plugin please refer to the wiki.


Please report any issues you have with the plugin to the issue tracker on github.

Roadmap and Known Issues

  • Write more tests
  • Test with Windows (likely doesn't work)
  • Ability to enable logging to debug remote server issues
  • Build console controller (SSH remote console)
  • Recursiveness with threading
  • Filtering on find



  • Added ability to override FtpSource::_parsels()
  • Upgraded for CakePHP 2.0
  • Updated to phpseclib 0.3.1


  • Added port to config
  • Fixed issue with filenames and spaces
  • Fixed 24-hour date format issue
  • Fixed issue with caching path
  • Separated client view into a ftp helper
  • Added console support to ftp datasource
  • Built ftp client controller and view
  • Built ftp model
  • Built ftp datasource
  • Setup app model and app controller
  • Setup basic plugin


CakeFTP is offered under an MIT license.


2011 Kyle Robinson Young,

If you found this release useful please let the author know! Follow on Twitter


  • TerraFrost (Jim Wigginton), for the awesome phpseclib.
  • Ian Tucker @ Everflight, for helping me get this started.