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This script is used to run CI tools like phpmd or phan. It generates a whitelist of accepted errors and allows your code to move forward while keeping your legacy code under control.

The first step is to define a baseline for your project. This baseline typically will be the last released version of your software. Then you generate a whitelist of your current errors and the runner will stop you from adding new errors to your legacy code.

At the moment you have 2 tools at your disposal, phpmd and phan. Start by enabling them in the config and adding them to your project if they are not there already.


  • PHP
  • composer


  • Flexible configuration.
  • Fast execution and diff generation.


composer require jfsdev/runner

Copy vendor/jfsdev/runner/config.yml.dist to your root and name it config.yml.

Useful Tools

Running Tests:

To define a baseline:

php vendor/bin/runner.php tests:run --baseline [baseline]


php vendor/bin/runner.php tests:run

to run tests against the current baseline.

Individual tools can be specified with the --tool flag.

php vendor/bin/runner.php tests:run --tool phan


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Please refer to LICENSE.