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This package adds a redirects functionality to your Twill installation.



Install it via composer:

composer require sevendays-digital/twill-redirects

(optional but required if redirecting to other modules) Then publish the config and set the modules inside:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=twill-redirects-config

Finally run the migrations:

php artsian migrate


You can now add redirects via the Twill backend.

Usage depends on your implementation. You can use the RedirectManager to figure it out:

// Get a redirect for a specific request.

// Get a redirect for a specific path.

Alternatively you can use the middleware if your front-end is served by Laravel by adding it to Http/Kernel.php:

    protected $middlewareGroups = [
        'web' => [

This will automatically take care of the redirect if there's a match.

But there is one exception, which is when you are using the browser to select the destination.

For that the package will not be able to return more than the slug out of the box, but you can manually intercept that to handle the redirect.

In you AppServiceProvider you can add this to the register method:

// Example:
    function(Model $model) {
        if ($model instance ExampleModel) {
          return route('my.route', ['id' => $model->id]);
        return $model->slug ?? '';