This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

A Silex service provider for SensioLabs Connect

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v2.0.1 2016-01-14 14:43 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-02-01 12:20:53 UTC



Use composer to install the provider

php composer.phar require sensiolabs/silex-connect


Register the service provider on your app:

$app->register(new ConnectServiceProvider(), array(
    'sensiolabs_connect.app_id'     => 'YOUR_APP_ID',
    'sensiolabs_connect.app_secret' => 'YOUR_APP_SECRET',
    'sensiolabs_connect.app_scope'  => 'YOUR_APP_SCOPE',

Then, use the sensiolabs_connect authentication mechanism anywhere in your security configuration:

$app->register(new SecurityServiceProvider(), array(
    'security.firewalls' => array(
        'default' => array(
            'pattern' => '^',
            //'anonymous' => true,
            'sensiolabs_connect' => true,
            'logout' => true,
            'users' => $app->share(function () use ($app) {
                return new ConnectInMemoryUserProvider(array(
                    '4aed4f5d-e0cb-4320-902f-885fddaa7d15' => array('ROLE_ADMIN', 'ROLE_CONNECT_USER'),

If you don't want to persist your users, you can use ConnectInMemoryUserProvider:

'users' => $app->share(function () use ($app) {
    return new ConnectInMemoryUserProvider(array(
        '4aed4f5d-e0cb-4320-902f-885fddaa7d15' => array('ROLE_ADMIN'),

If the user is not defined, it will be created for you with the special ROLE_CONNECT_USER role. If you want some special roles for some users, just pass them to the constructor (like for 4aed4f5d-e0cb-4320-902f-885fddaa7d15).

The API user is available through the security token:

$user = $app['security']->getToken()->getApiUser();

You can generate a link to the SensioLabs Connect login page (replace default with the name of your firewall entry):

<a href="{{ path('sensiolabs_connect.oauth_login.default') }}">Connect</a>

You can also specify the target URL after connection:

<a href="{{ path('sensiolabs_connect.oauth_login.default') }}?target=XXX">Connect</a>

You can also get access to the API root object:

$accessToken = $app['security']->getToken()->getAccessToken();

$root = $app['sensiolabs_connect.api']->getRoot();
$user = $root->getCurrentUser();

If you want to get the root API for the current user, you can just do the following:

$root = $app['sensiolabs_connect.api_root']();