Another var_dump-like debugging function with special debugging features

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Another var_dump like debugging function with special debugging features.

Once upon a time, there was var_dump ...

and var_dump was our biggest help when it came to debug code. Today, we have debugger in our IDEs that covers nearly every need of a PHP developer, but every now and then, we still need to go back to our var_dump beginnings. This is where dumpedie can be of help.

An alternative var_dump

dumpedie is an alternative to PHP's build-in var_dump to debug code when no IDE with a debugger is available. It uses Symfony's VarDumper component in its core to highlight and format the output. You only have to use the function like you already know from var_dump:

dumpedie($var1, $var2, $object);

In addition, dumpedie offers some small nifty features.


Only output the followed content in dumpedie when a condition set with dd_cond() was met.

dumpedie($var1, dd_cond('foo' === $value), $var2);

This always shows the content of $var1, but it only shows the content of $var2 if the variable $value is foo.


Sometimes you want to know the whole trace from where your code was called from. dd_trace() shows a trace like you know from exceptions and offers you insight to the method's calls.