Vipps OAuth2 Provider for Laravel Socialite

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Last update: 2021-01-11 09:51:10 UTC


1. Installation

// This assumes that you have composer installed globally
composer require sempro/socialite-provider-vipps

2. Service Provider

Add to app.php:

'providers' => [

3. Event Listener

  • Add SocialiteProviders\Manager\SocialiteWasCalled event to your listen[] array in app/Providers/EventServiceProvider.


 * The event handler mappings for the application.
 * @var array
protected $listen = [
    \SocialiteProviders\Manager\SocialiteWasCalled::class => [

4. Configuration setup

You will need to add an entry to the services configuration file so that after config files are cached for usage in production environment (Laravel command artisan config:cache) all config is still available.

Add to config/services.php.

'vipps' => [
    'client_id' => env('VIPPS_CLIENT_ID'),
    'client_secret' => env('VIPPS_CLIENT_SECRET'),
    'redirect' => env('VIPPS_REDIRECT_URI'),

Remember to whitelist the redirect_uri in the Vipps portal.

5. Usage

  • Laravel docs on configuration

  • You should now be able to use it like you would regularly use Socialite (assuming you have the facade installed):

To initiate the Vipps login, add this to your controller

return Socialite::driver('vipps')->redirect();

You've now gotten a user token from Vipps in your callback function. Now we need to use the user token to get the phone number of the authenticated user.

$user = Socialite::driver('vipps')->stateless()->user();

Example for a VippsAuthController:

 namespace App\Http\Controllers\Api;
 use App\Http\Controllers\Controller;
 use Illuminate\Http\Request;
 use Laravel\Socialite\Facades\Socialite;
 class VippsAuthController extends Controller
     // User clicked Login in with Vipps button
     public function index(Request $request)
         return Socialite::driver('vipps')->redirect();
     // Vipps callback function (VIPPS_REDIRECT_URL in .env)
     public function handleCallback()
         $user = Socialite::driver('vipps')->stateless()->user();
         if (!$user) {
             //Return error message

         //Do Authentication stuff

Vipps guidelines

  • When using Vipps login you need to use the login button svgs provided by Vipps. Go to Vipps design guidelines for more info.


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