Simple PHP proxy.

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Semperton Proxy

Simple PSR-18 HTTP client based on PHP's native stream socket.



Just use Composer:

composer require semperton/proxy

Proxy requires PHP 7.1+


The client does not come with a PSR-17 request/response factory by itself. You have to provide one in the constructor.

use HttpSoft\Message\ResponseFactory;
use Semperton\Proxy\Client;

$client new Client(
	new ResponseFactory(), // any PSR-17 compilant response factory
	5, // request timeout in secs
	$options, // array of stream context options
	4096 // buffer size used to read/write request body

The client exposes only one public method sendRequest:

use HttpSoft\Message\RequestFactory;
use Psr\Http\Message\ResponseInterface;

$requestFactory = new RequestFactory();
$request = $requestFactory->createRequest('GET', '');

$response = $client->sendRequest($request);

$response instanceof ResponseInterface // true


This is just a very simple HTTP client for single requests. If you are going to do heavy API work (multiple asynchronous requests, body parsing, etc.), you should consider using guzzlehttp/guzzle or symfony/http-client.