Extraction of the visionline webapi client for the crm from

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Extraction of the visionline webapi client phar for the crm from

Visionline is CRM, which offers a PHP phar for the webapi client. See

  1. Add to your composer.json and specify the uri of the phar

     // composer.json
     	// ...
     	"require": {
     		// ...
     		"sebastianblum/visionline-webapi-client": "^1.0"
  2. Use composer to download and install the library

     $ php composer.phar update sebastianblum/visionline-webapi-client
  3. Use the library

     // example.php
     	$connection = new \Visionline\Crm\WebApi\Connection(...);
     	$webapi = new \Visionline\Crm\WebApi\WebApi(...);

This library is used at the Terrafinanz Website to communicate with the Visionline CRM.