This Symfony Bundle allows to store parameters in database

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1.0.8 2014-04-18 09:08 UTC


This Symfony bundle allows to store parameters in database. This is particularly usefull if you want to enable parameter management (e.g. web admin email address, VAT taxes, ...)


You can install this bundle using composer

composer "scytale/database-parameters": "1.0.*"

Add to AppKernel

new Scytale\DatabaseConfigurationBundle\ScytaleDatabaseConfigurationBundle(),

Don't forget to update schema. And you are done!


This bundles creates a service scy_parameters

  1. Set a parameter

    $container->get('scy_parameters')->set('parameter_key', 'parameter_value');
  2. Fetch a parameter

    $parameterValue = $container->get('scy_parameters')->get('parameter_key');
  3. Delete a parameter



This bundle is released under the MIT license.