scubaclick/keenio integration into Laravel 4

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1.0.2 2014-03-06 19:27 UTC


Service provider and facade for Laraval to integrate the API

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Install by adding the following to the require block in composer.json:

"scubaclick/keenio": "1.0.*"

Then run composer update.

Then add the following in app/config/app.php to the service providers array:


And add to the aliases array the following:

'Keenio' => 'ScubaClick\Keenio\KeenioFacade',

To change the configuration values, run the following command in the console:

php artisan config:publish scubaclick/keenio

It is recommended to stick your API keys into environmental variables and reference those in the config file.


Read the docs of the underlying library:


ScubaClick Keenio is licenced under the MIT license.