This package makes it possible to generate a controller, service, repository, model and migration all in 1 command

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Laravel CSR

CSR stands for Controller/Service/Repository. This package lets you set all that up with just a single command, with the additional options to disable one of the three layers or even generate a model and/or migration automatically aswell.



Install the package using composer:

composer require scrumble-nl/laravel-csr

Publish the configuration file for default class paths:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laravel-csr

It is possible to modify the default class paths in this newly created csr.php config file.

Command usage

The base command is php artisan csr:gen {name} {namespace (optional)}.

This will generate a controller, service interface, service, repository interface and repository all at once. They automatically are dependency injected into eachother so they are ready for usage immediately. Nice!

Finally, you need to add the generated service and/or repository to your AppServiceProvider.php.


php artisan csr:gen picture holiday will generate the following files:

  • app/Http/Controllers/Holiday/PictureController.php
  • app/Interfaces/Services/Holiday/IPictureService.php
  • app/Services/Holiday/PictureService
  • app/Interfaces/Repositories/Holiday/IPictureRepository
  • app/Repositories/Holiday/PictureRepository

Note: The command will automatically capitalize the first character, so picture will become Picture. If you want your classes to have a name like PictureBook you will have to type this correctly yourself.

Now you will need to register your service and repository:




namespace App\Providers;

use Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider;
use App\Services\Holiday\PictureService;
use App\Repositories\Holiday\PictureRepository;
use App\Interfaces\Services\Holiday\IPictureService;
use App\Interfaces\Repositories\Holiday\IPictureRepository;

class AppServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider
    public function register(): void
        app()->bind(IPictureService::class, PictureService::class);
        app()->bind(IPictureRepository::class, PictureRepository::class);

And it's done!

Example output




namespace App\Http\Controllers\Holiday;

use App\Http\Controllers\Controller;
use App\Interfaces\Services\Holiday\IPictureService;

class PictureController extends Controller
     * @var IPictureService
    private $pictureService;

     * @param IPictureService $pictureService
    public function __construct(IPictureService $pictureService)
        $this->pictureService = $pictureService;

Command options

The following options can be used to disable some generation, or even add models and migrations to the command:

Name Type Required Description Default
name string true The base name for all items to generate
namespace string false The namespace items will be in
--model false Automatically create a model aswell false
--migration false Automatically create a migration aswell false
--policy false Automatically create a policy aswell false
--nc false Do not generate the controller false
--ns false Do not generate the service and service interface false
--nr false Do not generate the repository and repository interface false

See also: php artisan csr:gen --help


If you would like to see additions/changes to this package you are always welcome to add some code or improve it.


This product has been originally developed by Scrumble for internal use. As we have been using lots of open source packages we wanted to give back to the community. We hope this helps you getting forward as much as other people helped us!