Simple and light PHP console logger

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Last update: 2022-08-07 17:35:51 UTC


This library permits you to easily log messages in console for PHP scripts and apps.

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  • PHP >= 7.3


You can install the package with git clone and composer install in the directory.

Or you can directly use composer :

composer require scoobydam/console-logger


This library is an easy-to-use and light one.

use ScoobyConsoleLogger\ConsoleLogger;

$consoleLogger = new ConsoleLogger();

$consoleLogger->alert('This is an alert !')
    ->critical('This is critical :/')
    ->emergency('This is an emergency !')
    ->echo('echo some text')
    ->error('This is an error :(')
    ->info('There can be some informations')
    ->notice('Something you need to notice')
    ->success('This is a success !')
    ->warning('This is a warning')
    ->debug('Some debug informations you need to print')
    ->title('This is for some title')


You can chain the functions like in the example above or you can just call your logger in different line.

Full documentation

To know all what you can do, you can find full documentation here.


You can send PRs if you want to :)

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