Yii command to create database migrations from existing schema

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Last update: 2023-03-12 22:25:39 UTC


Yii command to create database migrations from existing schema. Migration classes are created in application runtime folder.


  • Yii 1.1.*


  • primary key generation
  • foreign key generation (skipped for SQLite)
  • complete data and schmema dump


Get it from github and place it into your application.

Or install it via composer require schmunk42/database-command.



'commandMap' => array(
    'database' => array(
        'class' => 'vendor.schmunk42.database-command.EDatabaseCommand',

Note: You may have to replace vendor.schmunk42.database-command.EDatabaseCommand with the acutal installation path.


Run the command...

./yiic database

... to show the help page

dump [<name>] [--prefix=<table_prefix,...>] [--dbConnection=<db>]
        [--createSchema=<1|0>] [--insertData=<1|0>] [--foreignKeyChecks=<1|0>]
        [--ignoreMigrationTable=<1|0>] [--truncateTable=<0|1>]
        [--insertAutoIncrementValues=<1|0>] [--migrationPath=<application.runtime>]
Param Default Info
name dump migration class name
--prefix dump only tables with given prefix
(specify multiple prefixes separated by commas)
--createSchema 1 whether to create tables
--insertData 1 whether to create insert statements
--foreignKeyChecks 1 set to 0 to disable foreign key checks
--truncateTable 0 whether to remove all records from the table first
--dbConnection db application component to use
--migrationPath application.runtime default dump folder
--ignoreMigrationTable 1 whether to ignore to migration table
--insertAutoIncrementValues 1 whether to include values from auto-increment column


To create a migration from an existing application database schema, define an alternative database component in your application, e.g. db-production.

This example shows data dumping, removes all data (truncate tables) and omits foreign key checks:

 ./yiic database dump p3_replace_data \
   --prefix=Auth,Rights,usr,p3 --createSchema=0 \
   --foreignKeyChecks=0 --truncateTable=1

Separate schema and data:

 ./yiic database dump my_schema --insertData=0
 ./yiic database dump my_data --createSchema=0

Replace your whole data with data from dbProduction:

 ./yiic database dump replace_data \
   --truncateTable=1 --foreignKeyChecks=0 \
   --createSchema=0 --dbConnection=dbProduction

The following command dumps all tables starting with p3_media and omits the schema create statements:

./yiic database dump p3media_no_schema_production \
--prefix=p3_media --createSchema=0 --dbConnection=dbProduction