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Command to check the queue health status

0.2 2014-06-03 09:58 UTC


Command to check the queue health status. Can be used with hosted monitoring systems.


  1. Add the following to your composer.json and run composer update

        "require": {
            "schickling/queue-checker": "dev-master"
  2. Add Schickling\QueueChecker\QueueCheckerServiceProvider to your config/app.php


Run as cronjob

Run the following command as a cronjob (for example each minute). If the queue isn't connected or does not work (e.g. jammed), the binded ErrorHandler will be notified. The default ErrorHandler will log the incident.

$ php artisan queue:check

Implement your own ErrorHandler

You can for example write an ErrorHandler that sends a message to your system monitoring platform such as NewRelic. Simply create a class that implements the Schickling\QueueChecker\ErrorHandlers\ErrorHandlerInterface and bind your ErrorHandler with the following code:

App::bind('Schickling\QueueChecker\ErrorHandlers\ErrorHandlerInterface', 'App\MyCustomErrorHandler');