Packages from sbtheke

  • sbtheke/backgroundimage

    Enables uploading of an image in page properties, which then is shown on page as background image for a predefined element.

  • sbtheke/backgroundimage4ce

    Allows background images and background options for all types of content elements (text, text with image, forms, plugins, ...). Background images are adaptive.

  • sbtheke/cefooter

    Preview of settings in footer of tt_content element in page module.

  • sbtheke/cewrap

    Allows to wrap content elements with individual IDs and/or classes and select multiple predefined classes, e.g. to hide content elements dependent to screen width.

  • sbtheke/cookies

    Show cookie consent, optional with possibility to deactivate some or all of them.

  • sbtheke/t3basic

    Elementary configuration of TYPO3 system and individual configuration for mypage.