PHP Linter

v0.2 2021-01-01 15:27 UTC

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Last update: 2022-12-01 00:08:37 UTC


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Simple PHP source code linter with zero dependencies

This is a very bare (really just 20 lines of code, comments included) yet very thoroughly tested (100% MSI) programmatic source code linter. Give it a piece of source code from a file or as a string, and it will tell you if this is a valid PHP or not. But do not forget to include the opening <?php tag.

The linter uses the default PHP executable found in PATH. If you want to test your code with a different, non-default, PHP executable, consider other libraries out there, careful PATH manipulation, or, provided you have a convincing argument, you can send a pull request.


composer require sanmai/linter


$linter = new \Linter\StringLinter('<?php return 1;');
$result = $linter->foundErrors();

// bool(false)
$linter = new \Linter\StringLinter('<?php obviously invalid PHP code;');
$result = $linter->foundErrors();

// bool(true)

That's it!