This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

A Neos package to add content comments to any node (as communication medium)

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2.0.0 2018-07-04 08:01 UTC

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ARCHIVED -> today, please use instead - as this is further developed.

Created by Sandstorm Media in 2015.

This Package Adds Content Comments / Sticky Notes to TYPO3 Neos. You can comment on arbitrary nodes.

Supported Neos Versions:

  • Neos 1.2.*
  • Neos 2.0.*
  • Neos Master


  • install the package
  • use the new "Comments" Tab in the Inspector

Internal Working

  • the "comments" tab is added to all node types, alongside with the property comments. (API)
  • The comments property is a JSON-encoded array with comment objects which is manipulated by a custom Comments editor. (API)
  • A CommentingContentModuleExtension displays the commenting indicators as overlays on the current page (non-API)
  • JS and CSS extensions are added using TypoScript to the page rendering.
  • A WorkspaceAspect takes care of merging comments together on publishing (non-API)

Why did we choose this implementation?

There generally are multiple ways of storing comments:

  • we can add them to the nodes themselves, as node property (the way it is done currently)
  • we can add them to the nodes themselves, using a special database column
  • we can store them as extra nodes and somehow link them together
  • we can store them as extra domain objects and somehow link them together.

As a first step, we wanted the exact same publishing behavior than with normal content, i.e. a content note should appear exactly in the workspace/content dimension where the specific content is located. Furthermore, we thought it would be very strange if the user created completely new content, leaves TODO notes for himself, but does not publish yet -- and still notes would already be visible to other people in their workspaces. I think that behavior does not really make sense -- that's why we handle the notes currently in the same manner as normal content, with all the same workspace and shine-through logic.


This is currently beta quality; expect to find bugs.


GNU GPLv3 or later.