Promotional codes generator and validator.

1.0.3 2013-06-19 16:17 UTC


A PHP code generator and validator. Can be use for promotions, sweepstakes, coupons or any other application which needs to validate codes provided by users.


Create a composer.json file in the project root:

    "require": {
        "sanchobbdo/codes": "~1.0"

Then download composer.phar and run the install command:

curl -s | php && ./composer.phar install


// Include composer's autoload
require 'vendor/autoload.php';

// Include codes builder
use SanchoBBDO\Codes\CodesBuilder;

// Create a Codes instance using the CodesBuilder.
$codes = CodesBuilder::buildCodes(array(
    'offset'     => 100,         // Start from
    'limit'      => 1000,        // How many codes to generate
    'coder'      => array(       // Coder settings
        'secret_key' => 'secret-key',    // Coder secret key
        'key_length' => 4,               // Code's key length
        'mac_length' => 6,               // Code's mac length
        'algo'       => 'sha1'           // Hash hmac algorithm

The default coder generates codes composed of a key and a mac; the key identifies codes while the mac is used to validate them. The mac_length and key_length determine how long the code will be.

The mac is generated using the hash_hmac php function. The algorithm used is determined by algo. To see available algorithms check the hash_algos php function.

Validating codes

// Validate the given code using the coder
if ($codes->getCoder()->isValid($_POST['code'])) {
    // Do something on success
} else {
    // Do something on failure

Generating codes

From the command line:

Install symfony/console, symfony/yaml and sonata-project/exporter packages using composer:

composer require symfony/console:2.2.* \
                 symfony/yaml:2.2.* \

Create a config file somewhere in your project:

# /path/to/your/project/codes.yml

offset: 0
limit: 1000
    secret_key: your-secret-key
    key_length: 4
    mac_length: 6

From your project root:

# Dump to csv
./vendor/bin/codes dump:csv file.csv your/config/file.yml

# Dump to xls
./vendor/bin/codes dump:xls file.xls your/config/file.yml

From code:

Here is an example using the sonata-project/exporter (you can roll you're own implementation):

// On top of your file include required classes
use Exporter\Handler;
use Exporter\Writer\CsvWriter;
use SanchoBBDO\Codes\CodesSource;
$codesSource = new CodesSource($codes);
$writer = new CsvWriter('your-file.csv');
Handler::create($codesSource, $writer)->export();


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Licensed under the MIT license.