A Yii2 ext for the MailChimp 3.0 API

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1.0 2016-05-19 11:19 UTC

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Last update: 2023-01-21 10:32:25 UTC


A Yii2 ext for the MailChimp 3.0 API

This is so simple anyone can use it!

How To Install

Simply require it with composer like so:

composer require "sammaye/yii2-yiichimp":"^1.0"

How To Use

Simply add it to your configuration, for example in my main.php I add:

'mailchimp' => [
	'class' => 'sammaye\yiichimp\Chimp',
	'apikey' => 'chimp_chimp-us6'

and you are ready to use it like so:

var_dump(Yii::$app->mailchimp->get('/lists/9dd4930fe0/members/' . md5(strtolower(''))));

Please refer to MailChimp's own documentation for all other uses: