A quick Laravel permissions plugin

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Last update: 2024-03-18 06:02:06 UTC


Really simple permissions (RBAC) plugin for Laravel.



You can find the configuration in config/sammaye.permission.php and it is called like config('sammaye.permission.permissions') to get a list of configured default permissions.

Adding Permissions/Roles

Add content to the permissions key, arrays will be translated into roles and the elements into permissions.

Changing User

If you're not using the default User model then you change the user key.

Add User Trait

Add sammaye\Permission\Traits\HasPermission to your user model.


You're done.


Refersh permissions and roles


Will sync the permissions in your database with those in your configuration, so if you add new role and/or permissions in your configuration they will be reflected in your database.

permission:permission {name} {user_id?}

Will create a permission, if not existing, and assign it to a user, if supplied.

permission:role {name} {user_id?}

Will create a role, if not existing, and assign it to a user, if supplied.

permission:role-permission {role_id} {permission_id}

Will assign a role to a permission, will not create either if they do not exist.

Overriding what's in the database

You can easily replace rules from the database with your own gate, like so:

Gate::define('update-post', function(User $user, Post $post){
    return $user->hasPermission('edit-post') && $user->id === $post->user_id;

Needs Improvement

  • Caching of permissions to stop database calls which involve JOINs