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Enable basic Shibboleth support for Laravel 5.x

1.1.1 2016-09-02 19:19 UTC


This package provides an easy way to implement Shibboleth Authentication for Laravel 5.



In order to use this plugin, we assume you already have a pre-existing Shibboleth SP and Shibboleth IdP configured. This does not (and will not) go into explaining how to set that up.


Include the following in your composer.json file and run composer update (or composer install if it's a new project).

    "require": {
        "studentaffairsuwm/shibboleth": "1.1.1"

Then, append the following line inside your /config/app.php file within the Providers array.


You'll also want to add this to your /config/auth.php file.

| Group Model
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------
| When using the "shibboleth" authentication driver, it requires that a
| group model is supported. Of course, it is often just the "Group" model
| but you may use whatever you like.

'group_model' => 'App\Group',

Finally, we just need to publish to include some default models, the database migrations, and the configuration file in your project. We include migrations for a simple user and group table, it is up to you to expand upon those.

Run the following commands to publish and then migrate your database:

$ php artisan vendor:publish
$ php artisan migrate

Once the migrations have run successfully, change the driver to shibboleth in your /config/auth.php file.

'driver' => 'shibboleth'

Looking for Laravel 4?

We have stopped development on the Laravel 4 version of this plugin for now. We are welcoming pull requests, however! Feel free to use any tag below 1.0.0 for Laravel 4 compatible versions.