Sailthru PHP5 Client

1.2.4 2017-08-02 21:34 UTC


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A simple client library to remotely access the Sailthru REST API as per

By default, it will make request in JSON format.

Optional parameters for connection/read timeout settings

Increase timeout from 10 (default) to 30 seconds.

$client = new Sailthru_Client($this->api_key, $this->secret, $this->api_url, array('timeout' => 30000, 'connect_timeout' => 30000));

API Rate Limiting

Here is an example how to check rate limiting and throttle API calls based on that. For more information about Rate Limiting, see Sailthru Documentation

// get last rate limit info
$rate_limit_info = $sailthru_client->getLastRateLimitInfo("user", "POST");

// getRateLimitInfo returns null if given endpoint/method wasn't triggered previously
if ($rate_limit_info) {
    $limit = $rate_limit_info['limit'];
    $remaining = $rate_limit_info['remaining'];
    $reset_timestamp = $rate_limit_info['reset'];

    // throttle api calls based on last rate limit info
    if ($remaining <= 0) {
        $seconds_till_reset = $reset_timestamp - time();

        // sleep or perform other business logic before next user api call


You can run the tests locally with: