Adds the ability for qmail users to edit their forward from within Roundcube.

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1.0.2 2024-01-08 18:50 UTC

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This plugin adds the ability for qmail users to edit their forward from within Roundcube with no need to ask their administrators for doing that via qmailadmin. qmailforwards saves the forwards to MySQL database.

Unlike the managesieve plugin, from which this plugin is inspired but which only apparently behaves in the same way, it does not use the sieve rules but it saves the forwards on the database, also preserving the possibility of saving a record that enables the copy of messages on the mailbox. In this case the execution of the favorite delivery agent is launched, which can also be set from the configuration file.

Using this method instead of sieve rules allows qmail users to keep the SPF policies in effect.

Inspiration and part of the code for this plugin was taken from the sieverules and managesieve plugins. The latter one provides an identical html form.


  • vpopmail version 5.6.x
  • vpopmail configured with virtual aliases --enable-valias and patched to modify the colums according to the already mentioned patch.
  • you may want to upgrade qmailadmin as well


  • Place this plugin folder into the plugins directory of Roundcube
  • Add qmailforward to $config['plugins'] in your Roundcube config
  • If you are switching to valiases the table will be created for you at first access. If you already have the valias table but it's still empty, just erase it and let vpopmail create it for you.
  • If your valias table already exist and it contains records that you don't want to loose, then execute the following query. Drop any PRIMARY KEY if you already have one.
USE vpopmail;
ALTER TABLE `valias` ADD `valias_type` TINYINT(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1' COMMENT '1=forwarder 0=lda' FIRST;
ALTER TABLE `valias` ADD `copy` TINYINT(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' COMMENT '0=redirect 1=copy&redirect' AFTER `valias_line`;
ALTER TABLE `valias` ADD PRIMARY KEY (`valias_type`, `alias`, `domain`);


  • The default config file is plugins/qmailforward/
  • Copy the options you have to modify to plugins/qmailforward/
  • You must set at least the database connection string

Supported languages

  • en_US - English (US)
  • en_GB - English (GB)
  • it_IT - Italian
  • ru_RU - Russian

Send new translations to the e-mail below.


Roberto Puzzanghera [roberto dot puzzanghera at sagredo dot eu]


This plugin is released under the GNU General Public License Version 3+.


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