SabreAMF is a Flash Remoting server and client for PHP

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Last update: 2024-04-06 15:13:53 UTC


sabre/amf is a AMF server/client for PHP. AMF stands for Action Message Format, and is the format Flash/ActionScript uses for communicating with servers (a.k.a. remoting).

This project is largely unmaintained since 2009, as both flash and this method of communication has fallen out of favor. It's kept around because it should still work.

Some information about this can be found on my blog

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SabreAMF is distributed under a BSD licence. Please check the LICENCE file for more information.


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Bugfixes, suggestions, improvements:

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Drupal integration:

  • Ionut Stoica

Thanks to:

  • Kevin Langdon, author of ServiceCapture for making the first big steps in decoding the AMF3 spec and helping out when i got stuck
  • The AMFPHP team for their excellent piece of software.
  • The OSFlash community for opening up the Flash Platform.
  • PyAMF project