Simple PHP class for navigate user in telegram bot(by design)

1.0.8 2019-09-27 15:15 UTC

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Last update: 2021-11-27 20:25:15 UTC


What is this?

This is a small help-oriented class for creating tg bots. It helps with the creation and navigation in the menu telegram bot

Это небольшой класс для телеграм ботов. Он помогает в создании меню и дальнейшей навигации в нём.

Abstract exemple


via composer

(add this to section "require" in your composer.json)

  "require" : {  
	"s0d3s/tg-long-req": ">=1"   


use s0d3s\TgLongReq;


Copy the "TgLongReq.php" to the project dir and:

use s0d3s\TgLongReq;

Simple use

  1. Create a TgLongReq obj

$tg_req = TgLongReq ( 'user_id', 'req_func list' /optinal/ , 'user_request_dir', tg_api_key, tg_api_result );

Var Type Caption
$user_id STRING Telegram user id
$req_func ARRAY Requests and functions association table
$usr_req_dir STR Path to general request dir **
$tg_api_key SOMETH/* irazasyed/telegram-bot-sdk Api() object*
$tg_api_result SOMETH/* Api()->getWebhookUpdates()

*It could be something else, or be null. **Temporary requests from users will be stored in this folder.

  1. Create request

$tg_req->reqCreate('req_name'); *

*This parameter depends only on you (this name should be in the association table)

  1. Save and restore temprorary data
  • saving

For store (temporary) data, you can use "saveToTemp", the function accepts any data types and saves it as json string


  • restore


$some_array = array(); $some_array = $tg_req->getFromTemp($hold_it==false);*

* If needed, you can leave a temporary file until the next used, for this pass to function "true"(bool)

  1. Check the existence of the request

$tg_req->reqCheck(); //return true if exists, else false

  1. Delete user request


  1. Handling request

$tg_req->reqHand(); //This method will call the corresponding function from the association table.

  1. NOTES
  • Association table is array('req_name'=>'func_name')
  • Functions specified in the table may not process passed parameters

Some examples you can find at ./exmp