Adds support for using .ss templates with ZURB Foundation's Interchange

dev-master 2015-01-18 17:53 UTC

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Last update: 2021-11-27 01:13:37 UTC


Experimental support for dynamically loading responsive content using .ss templates with Foundation's Interchange


composer require rywa/silverstripe-foundation-interchange dev-master


Adds a new template placeholder $InterchangePartial()

Use within your data-interchange element to reference your template partials. Passing in the .ss you would like to use.

<div data-interchange="[$InterchangePartial('Includes/Default'), (small)],
                       [$InterchangePartial('Includes/Medium'), (medium)],
                       [$InterchangePartial('Includes/Large'), (large)]">

In the above example we're using Default.ss, Medium.ss, and Large.ss files that within our $ThemeDir/templates/Includes or mysite/templates/Includes folder.

See Foundation Interchange for more on how Interchange works.


The partials are rendered with the controller before any actions are called. Please keep this in mind. You will have access to all the standard template placeholders in your partials, but nothing that is set within any of your controller actions.


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