URI and filesystem path utilities.

3.0.0 2014-01-09 17:53 UTC


PHP utility classes for URIs, paths, and files

API (3.0)


  • Uri methods aim to be more practical and reliable than parse_url.
  • Path contains reliable methods for working with server filesystem paths.
  • File contains reliable methods for reading and writing files.
  • Slash contains string utilities inherited by Path and Uri.

Uri Methods

\_/   \_______/ \_________/ \_/              \_______/ \__/
 |        |          |       |                  |       |
 |     userinfo   hostname  port              query   fragment
 |    \_______________________/\___________/
 |            |                      |
scheme    authority                 path

Methods are based on the URI diagram or otherwise normalized between terms in PHP, JavaScript, jQuery Mobile, and node.

\slash\Uri::scheme($uri) // get scheme (excludes ':')
\slash\Uri::prorel($uri) // convert to protocol relative
\slash\Uri::prorel($uri, $scheme) // replace the scheme
\slash\Uri::bar($uri) // get "address bar" uri
\slash\Uri::authority($uri) // get authority
\slash\Uri::hostname($uri) // get hostname
\slash\Uri::prefetch($uri) // get uri for dns prefetch
\slash\Uri::userinfo($uri) // get userinfo
\slash\Uri::user($uri) // get username
\slash\Uri::pass($uri) // get password
\slash\Uri::port($uri) // get port number (string)
\slash\Uri::hier($uri) // get hierarchial part
\slash\Uri::path($uri) // get path part
\slash\Uri::query($uri) // get query str (excludes '?')
\slash\Uri::hash($uri) // get fragment  (includes '#')
\slash\Uri::fragment($uri) // get fragment  (excludes '#')
\slash\Uri::nohash($uri) // remove hash
\slash\Uri::novars($uri) // remove hash and query
\slash\Uri::parse($uri) // get object containing parts

Slash Methods


File Methods

\slash\File::get($path, $done?)
\slash\File::put($path, $data)
\slash\File::load($path, $done)
\slash\File::getJson($path, $done?)
\slash\File::putJson($path, $data)

Path Methods

\slash\Path::ext($path, $add?)
\slash\Path::isAbs($path) // test if path is absolute
\slash\Path::toAbs($path) // resolve relative path
\slash\Path::toUri($path, $scheme?) // defaults to protocol-relative
\slash\Path::toUrl($path, $scheme?) // defaults to http or https
\slash\Path::affix($list, $prefix, $suffix?)
\slash\Path::infix($list, $infix)
\slash\Path::contains($haystack, $needle)
\slash\Path::search($paths, $needles?)
\slash\Path::find($list, $test)

Mixin Methods

Extend Any Class

::mixin($name, $fn) // mixin a single method
::mixin($array) // mixin methods from an associative array
::mixin($object) // mixin methods from an object or class
::method($name) // fully-qualify a method (returns callable)
::methods($object?) // get array of all methods incl. mixins


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MIT License

Copyright (C) 2013 by Ryan Van Etten