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A runtime for Google Cloud.

If you are new to the Symfony Runtime component, see the "The Long Story" down below.


This runtime layer is special. It includes a router.php to enable the use of Symfony Runtime component. You need to install this package and the runtime you want to use.

To use with native or Symfony application.

composer require runtime/google-cloud symfony/runtime

If you want to use it with PSR-7.

composer require runtime/google-cloud runtime/psr-nyholm


Define the environment variable FUNCTION_SOURCE.

# Default value

Note that Google Cloud requires you to have an index.php file. If you are running Symfony you probably want to define FUNCTION_SOURCE=public/index.php but you still need to create an index.php.

// index.php
// This file is needed for google cloud

Using CloudEvent

// index.php
use Google\CloudFunctions\CloudEvent;

require_once dirname(__DIR__).'/vendor/autoload_runtime.php';

return function(CloudEvent $cloudevent) {
    // Print the whole CloudEvent
    $stdout = fopen('php://stdout', 'wb');
    fwrite($stdout, $cloudevent);


Cache/Build Directory

Note that Google Cloud will only deploy files that are not in .gitignore. You need to remove the var/ entry before deployment to be able to warm up the cache etc.

Define Symfony Environment

Define environment variable APP_ENV=prod to use Symfony production mode.

gcloud functions deploy helloHttp \
 --runtime php74 \
 --trigger-http \
 --allow-unauthenticated \
 --set-env-vars "FUNCTION_SOURCE=public/index.php,APP_ENV=prod"

The Long Story

This section is for you who are new to Symfony Runtime component.

Symfony Runtime component will be released with Symfony 5.3 in May 2021. Here is the official documentation there is also a compressed version in the main readme.

Every Symfony application from Symfony 5.3 will be created with this component as default. The component makes sure your application is decoupled from the global state. Which means your application is very portable. With some config (or automatic mapping) a RuntimeInterface is used as the "glue" between Nginx and your application.

Of course, different RuntimeInterface "glue" between different things. One Runtime is for Google Cloud, one for Bref/AWS, one for Swoole, one for RoadRunner etc. The point is that your application does not care what runtime it is. This means that you can run your application locally with a normal web server (like Nginx) and deploy it to Google Cloud with zero changes and still be sure everything works.

Google Cloud Runtime Specifically

Since Google Cloud is very similar to a "normal web server", this runtime only contains 2 things:

  1. router.php which is a requirement from Google Cloud. Its job is just to redirect the request to the front controller. It is not used locally.
  2. Support for CloudEvent. If you write an application that expects a Google\CloudFunctions\CloudEvent this runtime will automatically detect that and create such object for you.

It will support native PHP applications and Symfony HttpFoundation type applications out-of-the-box. To support PSR-7/PSR-15 or Laravel, one also need to install one additional runtime. See main readme for more information.