Wrapper to the FreshBooks API

1.0 2016-11-24 04:51 UTC

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Last update: 2020-02-04 05:42:54 UTC


PHP wrapper for the FreshBooks API. Simplifies FreshBooks API XML structure into a PHP array strucure. You need to know the method names and params when you're creating a new FreshBooksApi instance. See all here http://developers.freshbooks.com/

Composer Install

composer require rtconner/freshbooks-api dev-master

.. or ..

"require": {
    "rtconner/freshbooks-api": "dev-master"

Sample Code

The XML tag parameters you see on the freshbooks API page are the ones you pass to $fb->post() (as an array)

$domain = 'your-subdomain'; // Do not include the URL scheme (https://). It will be added automatically
$token = '1234567890'; // your api token found in your account
$fb = new Freshbooks\FreshBooksApi($domain, $token); 

Example: list clients with an email of some@email.com

// Method names are the same as found on the freshbooks API

// For complete list of arguments see FreshBooks docs at http://developers.freshbooks.com
    'email' => 'some@email.com'


if($fb->success()) {
	echo 'successful! the full response is in an array below';
} else {
	echo $fb->getError();