Bundles creates Rest API based on schema provided in files. Supports most of the request types and provides routing

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FakeRestServerBundle is a bundle to create a fully working API based on YAML schema definition.

How it works?

It parsers a YAML file with the database schema and based on that it creates the endpoints with possibility to perform requests such as GET, POST, PUT, HEAD, DELETE and OPTIONS

Schema definition

Given following schema defined in YAML

        - {id: 5, name: "John", surname: "Doe"}
        - {id: 6, name: "Jane", surname: "Doe"}
        - {id: 7, name: "Jack", surname: "Daniels"}
        - {id: 1, name: "A", src: "images/img.jpg"}
        - {id: 2, name: "B", src: "images/213.png"}
        - {id: 3, name: "C", src: "images/12.jpg"}

Following endpoints will be created

  ➜  fakeserver php bin/console debug:router
   ------------------------------ --------- -------- ------ ----------------------------------- 
    Name                           Method    Scheme   Host   Path                               
   ------------------------------ --------- -------- ------ ----------------------------------- 
    FAKE_SERVER_GET_user           GET       ANY      ANY    /user/{user}                       
    FAKE_SERVER_POST_user          POST      ANY      ANY    /user                              
    FAKE_SERVER_PUT_user           PUT       ANY      ANY    /user/{user}                       
    FAKE_SERVER_DELETE_user        DELETE    ANY      ANY    /user/{user}                       
    FAKE_SERVER_PATCH_user         PATCH     ANY      ANY    /user/{user}                       
    FAKE_SERVER_HEAD_user          HEAD      ANY      ANY    /user/{user}                       
    FAKE_SERVER_OPTIONS_user       OPTIONS   ANY      ANY    /user/{user}                       
    FAKE_SERVER_GET_pictures       GET       ANY      ANY    /pictures/{pictures}               
    FAKE_SERVER_POST_pictures      POST      ANY      ANY    /pictures                          
    FAKE_SERVER_PUT_pictures       PUT       ANY      ANY    /pictures/{pictures}               
    FAKE_SERVER_DELETE_pictures    DELETE    ANY      ANY    /pictures/{pictures}               
    FAKE_SERVER_PATCH_pictures     PATCH     ANY      ANY    /pictures/{pictures}               
    FAKE_SERVER_HEAD_pictures      HEAD      ANY      ANY    /pictures/{pictures}               
    FAKE_SERVER_OPTIONS_pictures   OPTIONS   ANY      ANY    /pictures/{pictures}  


  • Adding JSON schema definition
  • Adding PHP array schema definition
  • Creating schema definition which connects definitions in different type
  • Setting FakeServerApiController as a service and adding it to DI
  • Other?